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Where did the last two weeks go?

It has been two more weeks in class - four classes, so I am behind in my reflection posts.

Last week, Mr Science set up a training crime scene. Using the skills they had learned through the fingerprinting professional development, two groups had to collect evidence from the crime scene. Before being allowed to enter past the caution tape, they needed to discuss and come up with plan, which each group did eagerly. There was a table of resources for them outside the crime scene.

They discussed they needed their lab coats and name tags, they needed the shoe covers so they would not contaminate the scene. They needed to photograph where all the evidence was. They needed to document and log each piece of evidence. I was impressed with the level of seriousness with which most of the class approached the situation. They were focused and very aware of following some clear, agreed upon procedures. They collected their evidence and sent it away to the labs for testing.

The next day, they had a…