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Building Belief

Week two in class (week four of school!)

Feeling much better after this week of classes.

This week we started back in the company. The two logos that have been designed for The Company are "PROOF" and "TIB: THE INTELLIGENT BUNCH" and so, we decided that these are two divisions of The Company. I know this is branching away from Mantle, in that, I am making the call of what the company is named - but I made a quick, bad decision to have them make logos before we had locked in a name so this was my way of solving it. Hopefully, the two divisions will come to have two specalisations (eg. fingerprint analysis and data analysis) which they need inter-dependency on each for information.

We started class by talking about our office space. The learners were asked what areas we needed in our offices to complete our work to the high level of success we needed. A huge list was created and once it got started, it was hard to hold them back. Learners were then asked to draw eith…


Term1, 2018 starts with a new Mantle of the Expert! 

I am collaborating with a science teacher for this selected offered to Year 9 students called PROOF! This selected (option class) runs for one term with two sessions of 100x minutes per week. It is based around forensic science - something I know nothing about - and students will learn how to dust for fingerprints, analyse different fibers, analyse information and make conclusions about various crimes that are presented to them. The teacher I am working with experience MOTE last year when I was working on a connected class (check out my previous blogs for my reflections on that) and he is keen to try it again on a smaller scale and now that he has some understanding of the ways of working.

In our first class, the students were met by the science teacher taking on a frozen effigy. He was sitting on a stool, with a box beside him (they could see a document with fingerprints on it), looking seriously at a piece of paper he was holding …